And time keeps on ticking

Ah, yes, hello there world. I didn’t forget about you – quite the opposite to be honest.

It has truly been a teaching year; I drank from the firehose.

We’ve got just under a week until 2021 as I write this – with any luck (and a bit of focus) – I’ll have a nice long entry that will more than makeup for my lack of content.

As a teaser, I’ll say the first half of 2020 went fairly slow and steady. Then I learned what can happen to a person when someone close to them with a victim complex starts to villainize them behind their back.

Of course, all of this will be fiction using complete made up names and situations, because in my fiction one actor is written as being of the litigious sort.

No way it will model anything happening in my life.

Not in the least.

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